Nov 28, 2016

A timely reminder…

written byEmily Broomhead
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So, the festive season is coming. A time for parties, going out, enjoying yourself.

It’s a good time, we thought, to send out some messages about protecting your hearing, and as you’re reading this, hopefully you think that’s a good idea too!


So why is it?

Well I reckon we all know instinctively that protecting hearing is important. All our senses are. Imagine not being able to see, or to smell or taste or feel something properly. It’s the same with hearing. And once damaged your hearing can’t be fixed. You can get hearing aid/s yes, but it’s not the same as normal hearing.

Add to that a buzzing or whining or screeching? Would you really want to risk that when you can do something as simple as wear earplugs to avoid it?

It’s generally not until something is broken that we think about how we could have avoided the damage. At the BTA we get calls all time from people saying “If only I had know about tinnitus before”…so don’t let yourself be one of those people.


Have a look around…

If you don’t know about tinnitus and have come to the site because you saw the blog mentioned on social media, then that’s great. Take some time to look around the site. It’s not too big , we want to give you the information you need quickly, so you don’t need to read pages and pages.

You can find out why it’s important to protect your hearing and why those with tinnitus or those who have experienced it want you to be safe. Just have a look on the Ambassadors page and find out what Mark Ronson thinks and why he’s an Ambassador. We have so many Ambassadors who want you to protect yourself and to love music for a lifetime.


What you need to know…

If you don’t know which sort of earplugs would be best, then check out the earplugs page – there are all sorts on the market and we are continuing to develop the directory page so you know where you can buy them from in your area, or you can find filtered plugs on the BTA website.


If you aren’t sure about what sound levels are safe and unsafe, or how long you can be exposed before you could potentially damage your hearing, then check out How Loud is Loud. At a loud rock concert that could be just 66 seconds! So you need to find out right?

Reading the information on this site is a great first step to understanding why protecting yourself from tinnitus is so important. If you think it’s useful, please share it with your friends and family – we all know people who are going to be exposed to loud music, so help protect them too.


And finally…

Thank you for looking in, and if you need any other information, or want to get more involved with the Plug’em campaign, please do just get in touch.

Please share this blog and help us raise awareness, it really is good advice, and sharing the link to the page or to the Plug’em website, or just using the #Plugem hashtag in social media will make a big difference.

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