Jun 21, 2016

How do I get custom earplugs?

In this blog we are giving you some simple pointers so you know how to get custom earplugs made. If you want to find out more about which earplugs would be suitable for your needs, just have a look on our earplugs page.



Five Steps:

  1. You’ll need to get ear impressions taken by the manufacturer or by a High Street Audiologist.
  2. Ear impressions can be taken with a two-part medical grade silicon that is gently injected in your ear (after the ear is blocked halfway down the ear canal with a small foam pad called an Otoblock).
  3. The silicon will go hard after about five minutes then the mould or impression of your ear is gently removed.
  4. Some companies, such as ACS are using the latest 3-D digital ear scanning technology. This is a less intrusive process and speeds up production time.
  5. Your moulds/impressions (or scans) are then sent to the manufacturer to make a mould from which your custom earplugs will be made.

Simple as that.

It’s also important to note that your ears will have to be clear of wax to get an accurate impression. If you do have wax in your ears when you go for your impressions, you will be given advice as to what to do next.


Thanks to Jono Heale, Director of Education at ACS Custom Ltd for writing this blog.

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