Mar 8, 2016

Share your experiences, talk about it…

Rhythm n Motion is a new Plug’em Ambassador. During the 90’s he was performing on stage and on the DJ’ing scene so was exposed to very loud sound, as such he is keen to help raise awareness of tinnitus, and the need to protect hearing…

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“Do you enjoy going to a gig, club or festival ? Before entering the event you’ve been waiting all week for,  stop, think, and “Plug’em”. By all means enjoy your night, day or weekend out, but do consider getting some earplugs to use, to protect your hearing, as there are many sorts available to suit every budget.


As a recording artist, producer, and DJ over many years, I wanted to express my thoughts and experience of being exposed to excessively loud music  especially where PA systems would be in excess of 20,000 watts during the 90’s on the DJ’ing scene!  Plenty of times I experienced that ringing in my ears that can take all night to clear, for me, luckily it was temporary. An old DJ friend of mine experienced tinnitus also. They went through it for years, having a high pitched ringing in the ears which caused him an intense level of discomfort. Luckily, eventually the ringing disappeared for them, but for some people the damage is irreversible.


As a Plug’em Ambassador, I hope to help educate and spread the message to people of all ages, about wearing earplugs. You can do it too. Share your experiences, talk about it and tweet about tinnitus. It could save other peoples hearing. We want to reduce the stigma of wearing earplugs, and let people know that tinnitus is not something trivial and should never be thought of as such.


I am proud to be involved with Plug’em, a British Tinnitus Association Campaign, and to support this excellent cause. The campaign is educating people about the risks of potentially dangerous levels of noise, and raising awareness about the causes of tinnitus and how the risks of getting it from loud music can be lessened or avoided.


You can be more involved in supporting the Plug’em campaign, it’s as simple as guiding people to the Plug’em website, retweeting, sharing and liking on the Social Media pages. And most importantly, you can also suggest to others around you to wear earplugs. This is not just a campaign aimed at DJ’s, Plug’em is aimed at anyone in a loud sound environment – anyone.


So please, save your ears, you don’t have a reserve pair!”

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  • niecie
    Apr 10, 2016

    i got tinnitus through stress and noise from a very run down busy call center. its open planned and its hard to hear some one through a single piece head set which are years old.iv also got hyeracusis

    • Rhythm n Motion
      Aug 12, 2016

      Thanks for leaving your comment. Does’nt sound good. On a positive note, perhaps some over the ear headphones adapted for working in call centres could work. Plug’em has lots of useful info & Ambassador experiences 😉


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