Feb 2, 2019

Supporting Tinnitus Week 2019

We know that people who are exposed to unsafe levels of sound can get tinnitus and damage their hearing, and we know the impact it can have.



So we want to share our message to protect your hearing and to avoid tinnitus, and we want to reach more people during Tinnitus Week 2019, which is running from 4-10 February.


You can help us with this by sharing our image and using the hashtag #TinnitusWeek.


This image can be downloaded and will also be available to save from Monday on our Plug’em Twitter and Facebook feeds.



For more information about protecting your hearing, take a look through our site and if you have tinnitus and need to talk to someone, you can call the British Tinnitus Association helpline, Monday-Friday 9-5 on 0800 018 0527, email helpline@tinnitus.org.uk or visit www.tinnitus.org.uk.


Thank you for showing your support. And remember, if you’re out at a club, gig or festival, remember to Plug’em!



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